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LAB-40-The E15 Ethanol Fuel Controversy & Breakdown | Should I use E15 Fuel in my Motorcycle?

Law Abiding Biker Eps 40 Art

PODCAST-In this episode we cut through all the smoke, mirrors, politics, and money involved with the rising controversy about whether or not E15 ethanol fuel, also called renewable fuel, is safe to be used in motorcycles, ATV’s, and small engines. We have a very heated discussion and really break it down on this biker podcast episode for all the bikers/motorcyclists out there, who have a right to know whether E15 fuel is safe to use. Biker/motorcyclists should know that if you use E15 in your motorcycle it will likely VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Read your motorcycle owner’s manual and paperwork, as it likely states in there somewhere that using E15 fuel will void your motorcycle’s warranty. It is in the Harley Davidson manual for certain, so beware. Also know that the EPA is pushing E15 fuel and you may get confused and use the fuel in your motorcycle by mistake from blender pumps that are already in service around the country. Be very cautious when fueling your motorcycle and read the labels. You really must listen to this podcast episode to get all the details!

Alcohol in E15 fuel is mainly made from corn and contains less combustible energy than gasoline. E15 fuel first became available at gas stations in 2013. E15 is currently offered in [...]

LAB-39-Long Haul Paul’s True Life Story | Paul Pelland Interview

Law Abiding Biker Eps 39 Art

PODCAST-In this episode we dive into the true life story of a very remarkable Law Abiding Biker.  Paul Pelland, also known as “Long Haul Paul”, has a truly amazing story and he shares everything with me in this interview. You won’t want to miss this biker podcast episode of true inspiration and dedication.  I learned that Paul Pelland is an absolute machine and force to be reckoned with in spite of the fact that in 2005 he was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS). He didn’t let that stop him from being a biker and he made it his life’s mission to ride his motorcycle a million miles in his fight to bring awareness to MS.  It is called “Paul Pelland’s Endless Road Tour”.  In addition, he is driving efforts to raise money for MS research and to find a cure! The inaugural 2013 MS5000 ride was a great successful fundraiser.  45 riders collectively rode 200,000 miles while raising $23,000 for Multiple Sclerosis.  Anyone can enter the MS5000 event and you ride the miles you can to support the National MS Society.

The reason for this Law Abiding Biker Podcast Episode is because [...]

Video-How to Install Detachable Rider Backrest on 2014 Harley Davidson Touring

Biker Podcast Install Backrest LAB

VIDEO-In this video I teach you step by step w/o skipping any steps on how to install detachable rider backrest hardware on a 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special (FLHXS) or other Harley Davidson touring model.

You can use your 2009 and up Harley Davidson rider backrest hardware on your 2014 Harley touring model! It fits and mounts exactly the same.

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LAB-38-Motorcycle Belt Final Drive vs. Chain Final Drive | That is the question

LAB 38 Art

PODCAST-In this episode we read an email from a listener who is contemplating a big change from a Honda metric motorcycle to a Harley Davidson. She is used to a shaft final drive on her Honda motorcycle and is not familiar with the belt final drive that Harley Davidson uses on their motorcycles. Further, she is not certain about chain final drives that some use. She wanted to specifically know about the pros and cons of a motorcycle belt final drive vs. a chain final drive. Of course, we support all makes of motorcycles here at Law Abiding Biker Podcast and Media.

We break straight through to the truths and myths when it comes to motorcycle chains and belts. We kept it real and focused in on what the average every day law abiding biker and motorcycling majority (the 99%ers) would need to know about this subject. Our dicussion is not geared towards motorcycle drag racers or track racers, as that is not what we do here at LAB Media. We ride real bikes in real world conditions and for long distances. Here is the email that was sent:

From: Kelly Ušanović & Lijep Pozdrav: I have a Honda right but am contemplating the big change to a HD and have heard so many stories about maintenance and what a nightmare it is etc etc. so i hit up youtube and found your videos… first I wanted to take a min and say damn good videos. I have not gone through them all yet but I was wondering maybe a little something something about chain vs belt for those of us thinking of making a change. Right now I have an enclosed system and it’s so easy. I really don’t know anything about chain or belts pros cons maint….. Oh and thanks for the amazing videos both my bff and i (both female) were able to follow them no prob. love the videos. <3

Most every Harley Davidson built after 1984 is equipped with [...]

VLOG-07-Law Abiding Biker Podcast | 4 Great Podcast Episodes Recorded-New Gear Shop & Support Page

VLOG-I bring you this vlog directly from the Law Abiding Biker Podcast & Media Studio.  I tell you about the next four biker/motorcycle, already recorded, podcast episodes coming up.  They are very exciting episodes that you will not want to miss!

The subject matter on the upcoming biker/motorcycle podcast episodes is motorcycle Belt vs. Chain final drives, an interview with Paul Pelland (Long haul Paul), the controversy surrounding E-15 ethanol fuel and whether you should [...]

LAB-37-Riding Motorcycles in a Biker Club Environment | Group Motorcycle Riding Dynamics

Biker Podcast Group Riding Eps 37.jpg

PODCAST-In this episode we read an email from a listener who had some great questions about riding motorcycles in a biker club environment or setting. We discuss this topic and try to shed some light on it. We here at Law Abiding Biker Podcast and Media are members of the Sworn Few Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LEMC) and he asked how we specifically do it in our club. We have specific ways we ride within the Sworn Few LEMC and we share that information with you. We throw out some ideas that may work or not work for other Law Abiding Biker clubs. It turns into a very good discussion and certainly a topic we may follow up on in the future.

Below is the email question from Todd of Western Washington State and we want to thank him for contacting us. His email made a whole podcast episode topic for us. He had some internesting insight into how his club currently rides within their motorcycle biker club environment. You really must listen to this biker podcast episode.

Thanks man! I really appreciate the work you guys do in regards to the podcast. By far one of the best motorcycling podcasts [...]

Tekk Innovations Revised Code of Washington iPhone App

As many of you know by now, I am a18 year veteran Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) in Washington State. One of my assignments is as a Formal Training Officer (FTO). If you are not familair with what an FTO is then let me explain. An FTO trains and evaluates brand new hired police officers for determined periods of time until they are allowed and ready to be releaed on their own.

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is the large book of laws that Washington State has created that citizens are to abide by.

I learned about an iPhone app created by Tekk Innovations LLC that makes it extremely easy to access, find, and search the laws in the State of Washington (Revised Code of Washington). Tekk Innovations LLC also has similar apps for many other states.

The RCW app is smooth and very helpful. I have been using it for about 8 months now. The user interface is [...]

LAB-36-A biker podcast birthday celebration! Cranking it up bitches!

Biker podcast LAB

PODCAST-This episode of the Law Abiding Biker Motorcycle Podcast is dedicated to our one year anniversary! That’s right, just a year ago on March 16, 2013 I recorded and published my first Law Abiding Biker Motorcycle Podcast episode in my daughter’s closet. I used nothing but an iPad Mini, the Bossjock app, and a Blue Snowball condenser microphone to record it. I was in my daughter’s closet, because the condenser microphone picked up too much echo in my office. I did have an iMac already that I utilized to edit and distribute the audio files I created.

I had been trying to sell an item for some time and finally did so after some prayers. Because of the that sale, I was able to order and purchase professional podcasting equipment and gear. I pieced my professional podcasting setup together and am still using it to this day. I was very selective about what equipment I bought and did not want to buy a standard package. I got a much better deal piecing it together myself and ordering from all different sources. Every penny counted for me when I was ordering my podcasting gear and I did a ton of research.

So, by episode #4 of this new biker motorcycle podcast I had all [...]